Channeling Books from the Spiritual Dimension: Case No.9: Stevan J. Thayer

The Demon Possesssion of Stevan J. Thayer and it's Relationship to the Interviews with Ariel that he Channeled.

I wish to provide evidence that Stevan J. Thayer is demon possessed. The opinion in this article is mine and from a Christian perspective. Here is an extract from Stevan's book "Interview with an Angel" (pages 78-79)

"In 1984, on the evening before my second surgery, I was standing at the window of my hospital room looking out at the sun setting over New York City's Central Park. I was filled with fear as I reviewed all the possible surgical outcomes and their relative probabilities described to me by the surgeon. I wondered if I would even be alive the next day to see the sun set.

Without warning, I was overtaken by the most holy presence. The sensation was one of being outwardly paralyzed, or frozen, and inwardly pushed aside as this presence entered my body. It entered through the top of my head and felt like something thick, like honey, pouring in and spreading slowly throughout my body. I could not stop it and did not want to stop it. For as the presence slowly moved through me, I was transported to the most indescribable state of spiritual ecstasy. I was filled with peace of mind. All my fears were gone. I knew with absolute certainly that all would be well with the upcoming surgery. This understanding all took place in an instant. I stood there transfixed when suddenly the knowledge this is Jesus flashed into my mind. I was filled to overflowing with joy. I cannot explain how I knew, but I knew beyond all question that this indeed was Jesus.

I remained in this state of communion for some time. Then as steadily and surely as Jesus had entered me, he left. Even after his presence was gone, I remained elevated in a state of spiritual ecstasy for the entire evening..."

Christian Comments: Stevan doesn't understand that Jesus does not possess a human body. He has never done this and never will. The only beings that do this are demons. The demon that entered Stevan's body suggested to him that it was Jesus entering his body. Demons can provide any type of experience they wish to provide, from an extremely violent, scary experience, to a nice pleasant one, like in Stevan's case.

Stevan is clearly New Age in his beliefs. In his book "Interview with an Angel", he mentions that he has done Zen mediation in a Buddhist monastery and is an interfaith minister. Stevan doesn't claim to be a Christian in his book, and he is clearly not a Christian. It is clear in the Bible that God told Moses directly that His people were not to mix religions but to be set apart from other religions and follow God alone.

I don't believe it to be true but for the sake of argument, that "if" Stevan was working with Jesus, on His side, then he would not be doing what he is doing. He would not be an interfaith minister, he would not be doing Zen meditation, and he would not be involved in the New Age arena. And finally, his book is extremely dangerous. He works with an "angel" called Ariel which I believe to be a fallen angel....a demon. This "angel' possesses him and works through him by sending messages to humans. He works as a channel for this "angel" to share this angel's false teachings and doctrines. I provide the evidence for this below from his book "Interview with an Angel" page 102:

"In January 1994 Dr. Linda Sue Nathanson....met Rev. Stevan Thayer...At times during their IET sessions, Stevan entered a self-induced, altered state of consciousness and spoke in a voice not his own, offering knowledge beyond his experience.

In time, Linda came to believe she was in a dialogue not with Stevan, but with another "personality", identifying itself as Ariel, to whom Stevan had "connected". Linda began asking questions of this personality......

Directing her questions, then, not to Stevan but to a nonphysical intelligence beyond Stevan's conscious awareness, Linda began by asking for permission and cooperation in compiling Ariel's words and wisdom into a book."

After many sessions had been done, these interviews were put in book form and published as "An Interview with an Angel". Ariel is not an angel but the demon that possesses Stevan.

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