Channeling Books from the Spiritual Dimension: Case No.11: Choo Thomas

Choo Thomas (1939 - 2013)

I'm really concerned about Choo Thomas' book called Heaven is so Real. So much of what is in her book is not Biblical. She communicates with a Jesus with no face. There is no Biblical precedent for a faceless Christ. Also, both Protestants and Catholics have hundreds of recorded visitations of our saviour and his face is always clearly seen. Choo's faceless Jesus resembles more of a spirit guide that mediums use. These spirit guides are demons.

The Demon of Dance: Not much is known in the West about this demon but in Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, some dancers were are taught to invite a spirit of dance to enter their bodies. I have come across demon dances in some books about other countries too but if I mention a country I need to provide evidence.

Personally I believe Choo was trying to be a good Christian but she was unknowningly possessed by a demon, not the Holy Spirit of the Bible. Here is a quote from her book mentioned above. Page 193: "The dance I do during worship is not an ordinary dance. Because the Lord had worked with my body and hands for so many months, great power was built up within me, and the Lord directed each movement of my dancing. When I dance, I don't move my own hands, but the Holy Spirit moves them for me. I never try to stop my hands on my own, I let the Holy Spirit stop them... " This is demon possession. The Holy Spirit never possesses a person where they are not moving their body parts themselves. Demons do that. This type of thing will be common in the last days. Pray that Choo's former church will see the truth and get the demon cast out. Choo has already passed away. Lord Jesus,our one with the face and who lost blood for us, please deliver Choo's church, for your glory. Amen

Demons are smarter than we think. They know Christians are aware of channeled books so they came up with another idea to deceive people. This is to provide visions so that the visions can be put into book form. Wendy Alec and Rick Joyner are two other examples of Christians that got fooled by this trick.

Note: This article has undergone some changes. I will continue to expand the article as I come across further information. At present, I will just focus on supporting evidence from three countries: Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. I have posted links in the comments section below my Facebook article with the same name.

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