Channeling Books from the Spiritual Dimension: Case No.6: Madame Guyon

Madam Guyon (1648- 1717)

On the surface it looks like Guyon had a very deep relationship with Christ but more research needs to done into the fact that she wrote a lot of her books via a "possession" by God. "...It is He who acts in her; she becomes like an automaton in His hands; she writes remarkable things without preparation and without reflection" (From the chapter titled "Her Experiences and Theories" in

This is extremely scary stuff. Demons possess not God. Her goal was a "union" with God. This is not taught in the Bible. And many of her writings seem to have been a kind of automatic writing that New Agers use to channel through books from the Spiritual Realm. And without a doubt, channelled books are always written by demons. Here is an article to read. Note last paragraph comments about automatic writing:

John Wesley was known to have liked the books of Madame Guyon. However, he had no knowledge of the way in which her books were written as her autobiography was first translated into English in 1897 by Thomas Taylor Allen. It is from her autobiography we learn that many of her books were not from her own mind, research or experience. The key pages of her autobiography to read are pages 143 and 144 in the 1995 Moody Press pdf available online for free.

Here are some important quotes from her autobiography:

1. "I still continued writing with a prodigious swiftness, for my hand could scarcely follow fast enough the Spirit which dictated (p.144)."

My comment: The key question is, Who was the spirit? Also ask yourself, Does God dictate books or inspire writers? Are there Biblical precedents for entire dictated books?

2."The transcriber, whatever diligence he used, could not copy in five days what I wrote in one night (p.144)."

3. "I wrote the canticles in a day and a half, and received several visits besides (p.144)."

4. "Here I may add what I have said about my writings, that a considerable part of the book of Judges happened by some means to be lost. Being desired to render that book complete, I wrote again the places lost. Afterward when the people were about leaving the house, they were found. My former and latter explications, on comparison, were found to be perfectly conformable to each other, which greatly surprised persons of knowledge and merit, who attested the truth of it (p.144)."

My comment: Basically a complicated way of saying that when the two copies were placed side by side they were found to be exactly the same. This proves she was writing dictation as she mentioned, dictation from a book already in existence in the spiritual realm.

For some good paragraphs about her automatic writing and her mediation/prayer views and the comparison to Buddhism and Hinduism, see:

In the book "The Pietist Theologians" (link below), I read on page 168 "...Madame Guyon's automatic writing resumed and, incredibly, in the period of July to December 1684, she wrote her mystical commentary on the Bible."

New Agers claim Guyon as their own. Many Protestants do too.

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