Channeling Books from the Spiritual Dimension: Case No.7: Wendy Alec

Criticism of the Book, Visions From Heaven

Wendy Alec claims to have gone to Heaven many times and to have met God, Jesus, and deceased people there. I’m not against visions but everything needs to stand up to academic inspection. With visions, usually things can not be checked especially if no names or dates are mentioned but if a vision contains historical information, it can be checked. One chapter of Alec’s book contains information that we can research. The chapter is “The Missionaries”pp.179-185.

It says in this chapter that a married couple went to China in the 1920s with two huge steamer trunks. One was 18 and the other 19. They learned Cantonese and Mandarin. They died unknown in America but their Chinese Bible translations live on in millions of homes in China today. Alec also says that the couple returned to America by ship with the same two steamer trunks in their late 70s which would mean they were in China about 50 years and returned in the 1970s.

I found three problems with Alec’s missionary tale:

1. All foreign missionaries in China were expelled or departed in 1949 due to Communist government policies that suppressed religion. However, Alex clearly claims the couple never returned home until the 1970s.

2. The second concern is that no-one would return by ship with 1920s steamer trunks. They would return with suitcases on a plane. Even in the 1930s many people were using suitcases. I owned a 1937 suitcase from Shanghai.

3. The last issue is with the translation work. Looking at the records of Chinese language Bible translators, there is only a short list of names. There are no translators of Mandarin and Cantonese Bibles that fit the time frame of when this couple worked in China, and none that match the information we have about this couple and their Bible translations. All the Chinese Bible translators are well known.

I believe Wendy Alec, Rick Joyner and Choo Thomas to have had visions so they could be put in book form. Demons are behind these visions. They realise Christians know about channeling and avoid books which have been obviously channeled through a demon pretending to be God or Jesus. So, the demons thought up a clever way of channeling books via vision format.

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