Channeling Books from the Spiritual Dimension: Case No.8: Chris Kline

A Short Summary of A Brilliant Deception by Chris Kline:

Chris was not a Christian when she got possessed by a demon (The Voice). She believed that it was Christ who entered her. She had opened herself to possession due to being a stripper and using drugs.

Chris was used as an instrument of a demon to write messages, which were supposed to be from God. She says "I had no control over when the writing started or stopped. Words flowed from my pen without effort or thought from me. It was totally automatic." She ended up with 4,000 pages of messages. She found a writer who she paid to write a book based on some of the 4000 pages she had collected. After seven years, the book was finally finished. The Voice chose the title: "God is My Father". Some of the things in the book were true to convince people that it was God's book. For example, Chris mentions "Even my automatic writing had stated, 'Booze is a tool of the Devil." Chris was given signs. An example of this, in Chris' words: "Feathers were a hallmark of the Voice. About a dozen times, when the Voice spoke through me or to me, a white feather floated down, apparently from no where."

Later, when Chris became a Christian, she had to be prayed for to have the demon leave. The demon put up a fight on its way out of her. She burned all her manuscripts for the book before it could be published. Praise God! Chris' question: "Why did God let me go on believing the Voice was God, when it wasn't?"

Chris Kline's First Encounter with the Spiritual Realm

The following are extracts from A Brilliant Deception by Chris Kline. Three pages have been used: 34b, 35a, and 36a. This extract shows two demons working together to convince Chris that God was in her room.

"Back in my room I kicked my door shut and crossed over to the desk to unload the books. A loud voice stopped me in my tracks. It came from behind yet above me, calling my name: 'Chris'. I turned abruptly towards the door but there was no one there. But even as I turned I knew I would find no one. The Voice had come from a point above me- too high for someone in the room.

The Voice continued to talk to me. 'Don't be afraid Chris. I am God and I have a message for you. Your father is here with me also.'

I knew I wasn't dreaming and felt remarkably at ease. Talking to the Voice or having it talk to me didn't seem so impossible. I wasn't afraid. In fact I felt it was a privilege. I stood looking up at the ceiling, and then I heard my name called again, three times. This time the call came from outside the window.

My room was on the seventh floor and the window was shut tight. I couldn't even hear traffic noise normally so I shouldn't have been able to hear anything from outside. But when I made a move towards the window the Voice inside the room told me not to go near it. Suddenly the whole window began to rattle and before I could think what was happening the Voice said, 'Satan is trying to get in here.'

.........................All of a sudden my body temperature rose dramatically. I was tingling all over. Without any warning a bright white light filled my head. It was crackling and dazzling; consuming me with its comfort. I had heard that, if you were good, someday you would disappear and go to Heaven. I thought my time had come. Joy flooded through me at the prospect of disappearing and materialising somewhere else. I was enthralled and totally unafraid. I could feel my new companion inside me looking out of my eyes.

I did a lot of writing that night but the hand-writing wasn't mine. The Voice said I was the same as Jesus on the cross. He had come back to life in me. I didn't believe it. 'Look at your hands and you'll see the scars,' the Voice commanded. I knew from films that Jesus had been nailed to a cross and to my surprise I saw that the lines on each palm formed a cross in the centre of my hand."

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