Channeling Books from the Spiritual Realm: Case No.14: Paul Selig

Can Demons Produce Wonderful, Joyful Experiences?

The Case of Paul Selig

All mediums have been deceived. Most people who know the Bible well, know that mediums use demons to get their messages. The Biblical evidence used is the story of the medium slave girl that had demons cast out by Paul. The girl was a happy-go-lucky, joyful, confident person.

African mediums or shamans are deceived because they believe that ancestors communicate with them. Western counterparts are deceived because they believe that deceased people are communicating with them. Mediums don't believe they are getting their information directly from demons.

A lot of people have channeled books. And it seems to be increasing more in these times. Paul Selig has channeled 9 books via "guides". Selig and his readers believe these "guides" to be good.

Paul Selig's "Guides"

Selig was an Atheist for many years. One day he heard a voice. The voice sounded kind. It was a "guide". This voice led Selig to believe it wanted to help him with his personal problems. Selig says "I heard a voice telling me to get my act together, which was the first voice." (Interview)

How do we know this voice was not God, Jesus or an angel? Selig provides the answer. He says "The guides literally step into me, and then they witness (Interview)". So, we know from his own words that he is possessed by demons.

Selig really believes his "guides" love him and mankind. Selig explains: "I channel whole books. I close my eyes and in front of an audience, a new book is dictated that is then transcribed and requires no editing." And "The part of me that channels and comes through in this way is unafraid and doesn't operate in fear. It holds great love. It's something that I get to experience when I'm channeling in a way that is sometimes joyful and sometimes very humbling to me, Paul." And "What comes to mind is that the guides are capable of great love." (Interview)

Seligs "guides" use the Bible too. Satan does as well, as shown in the Bible, when he spoke with Christ. Demons like to use the Bible and twist it to support their teachings so their words sound pure, divine and convincing.

When Selig was channeling the book "I Am The Word" he only felt "joy joy joy joy joy" (Prologue: I Am The Word). Before writing this book with a godly title a voice told him to buy a Bible. Selig says "I asked what was next, and was told to read "John" aloud and I did so, over a course of two nights." (Preface: I Am The Word)

Interview Source: Internet "Channeling a Mystery: A Talk with Psychic Paul Selig"

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