Evidence from the Mouth of a Demon that Infers Christianity is True

Paul Selig channels New Age books via "guides". Who do these guides say they are? They say: "We are the Ascended Masters and we come through different names, and we have been present on this plane for thousands of years in different forms. We are the great teachers. We are the missionaries.. " ("I Am The Word", Prologue: In the Beginning)

Who are these guides really? Selig says: "The guides literally step into me, and then they witness." (Interview with Paul Selig, Online) So, we know from Selig's own words that he gets possessed when he is channeling. The Bible supports this. The story of the medium slave girl shows that she had demons that channeled information through her. According to the Bible, people only get possessed by demons.

What exactly are these guides teaching? They are teaching a lot of stuff. One doctrine is "Christ Consciousness". One guide explains "Now the Christ frequency, as it is understood now, is a high one and it has been misappropriated, entitled, by most people, who have assumed it to be a Christian basis in religion, and a religion, unfortunately, that has received alignment to the wrong-mindedness of men throughout time. And once you bypass the religion and understand that the Christ is a consciousness, is a frequency, is an offering from the Creator to align to, then you begin to have a very different experience of understanding who you are." ("I Am The Word", Initial Discussion, before Prologue)

What can we infer from what the guide said about Christianity? The guides are demons. They love to talk about Christ and holy things but twist the message of the Bible and try to convince people not to become Christians. Demons like to deceive and lie. If Christianity was false, we would not be hearing a demon advising people to "bypass the religion". The fact that this is mentioned implies that Christianity is actually true.

Lord Jesus, please open people's eyes to the tricks demons play to deceive us. With your precious blood I pray. Amen

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