Gifted Impersonation Series: Case No.20: Impersonation of Eagles

This article is a discussion about the eagles that talk to Rick Joyner in his visions.

In the Christian religion, we believe that demons can take many forms. They can also possess animals or take the form of animals. Therefore it is a common Christian view that if an animal appears in a supernatural dream or vision, it would can be a demon in disguise. Another Christian view is that the person is crazy or sick so they did not actually experience anything but believe they did. Yet another Christian view is that the person lied about his experiences. The Christian view I take is that though it can be proven that people have in fact lied about their spiritual experiences, they usually tell the truth.

Many demons are assigned a geological location to live in. A good Christian book that supports this view is: "Demon Gods of Thorny River" by Robert Peterson (OMF; UK; 1974). These demons can then either disturb the people there or work with the inhabitants as missionaries to convert them to false doctrines and beliefs.

Demons that were assigned the USA to dwell in thousands of years ago developed doctrines and teachings about Animal Spirit Guides. They taught the native American Indians these ideas. Of course, to support the ideas they had created, they needed to start appearing in animal forms and give the Indians many spiritual encounters or the teachings would not be believed and would be replaced by something else.

When Christianity came to the USA, many Indians converted to Christianity. What do the demons that are there do? Well, they have to adapt. They need to learn English, which they did. Demons only knowing local languages is also supported in the book I just mentioned.

Everyone knows animals can not talk but we have two examples from scripture, where they do: 1. The serpent in Eden, and 2. Balaam's donkey. In both cases, God has clearly shown us how and why these animals were speaking. The serpent was Satan in disguise, while the donkey spoke due to the power of God working through His angel to show Balaam something important. Though God was behind Balaam's case, in most cases of talking animals, it will be demonic. Satan appearing as a serpent is an example of an animal spirit guide at work and it is extremely bad and it is forbidden for Christians to use spirit guides as they are demons. Christians do not use the words "spirit guides' but as this is common in traditional American Indian thought and in modern New Age teaching, I will use it in my arguments here.

Now, going on to Rick Joyner's visions of eagles. Either Rick is mentally sick, a liar, or he is telling the truth. If you take one of the first two views, then that is it still leads to the same conclusion....that Rick is wrong. I will argue that Rick is actually having these visions and is telling the truth. However, Rick's interpretation of his encounters is completely different from mine. He believes his experiences come from God. I believe them to come from Satan. Rick also, like Joseph Smith, wants to believe that he is a good person, following God. He therefore only wants to believe his visions are good in nature.

If you read Rick Joyner's books such as The Quest, or The Torch and the Sword, you need to think deeply about what the eagles are teaching him. If you study their words carefully, you will see that they are New Age in nature just as the words the serpent used were and still are like New Age teachings. The eagles teach telepathy, that everything in nature has a spirit or spirits, that magic stones can be used to see things, and that the heroes of the Cross do not have high positions in Heaven and were failures.

I want to ask why the demons would want to appear to Rick as eagles? I believe it to be a case of use what you know, use what works, and use what you have developed over thousands of years with the American Indian tribes. Rick's location is the key to why eagles are appearing to him. When Rick dies, he will be seen as a prophet by many Christians and a new church will start that blends Christianity with New Age teachings. It's scary. It's happened before too. One prime example is Joseph Smith, and the Mormon church.

Eagle Quotes from The Final Quest

1. Rick said "It was then that I recognized the eagle as a man I had met and had a few conversations with soon after my conversion." (p. 72 Final Quest)

Comment: Rick is clearly saying that the eagle had originally been a man on Earth. This is teaching that reincarnation is OK and this is unBiblical.

2. Eagle: "I was one of the soldiers you so quickly passed on your way up the mountain." (p. 72 Final Quest)

3. The Man said "There I was changed into an eagle." (p. 73 Final Quest)

Comment: "There" refers to the top of the mountain. If you reach the top of the mountain, you change into an animal. Heresy!

4. Rick said "As I talked to the eagle, I started to think like him. After this short discussion I could see into the eagle's heart and I began to know him like he knew me. The eagle recognized this." (p. 66 Final Quest)

5. "You have some of our gifts", the eagle noted, "though they are not very well developed. You have not used them much. I am here to awaken these gifts in you, and in many others like you, and I will teach you how to use them. In this way, our communication will be sure." (p. 66 Final Quest)

Comment: These two quotes are talking about mind-reading or telepathy. Christians are not allowed to do this. This is scary stuff. Forbidden stuff. The eagles are clearly Rick's guides. Demonic guides, leading him astray unknowningly.

6. An eagle said: "You have some of our gifts... though they are not very well developed. You have not used them much. I am here to awaken these gifts in you, and in many others like you, and I will teach you how to use them. In this way, our communication will be sure." (p. 66 Final Quest)

7. An eagle said: "We are here because you need us.... We are also here because we need you. You have been given gifts I do not have, and I have been given gifts you do not have. You have experienced things I have not experienced, and I have experienced things that you have not. The eagles have been given to you until the end, and you have been given to us. I will be very close to you for a time, and then you must receive other eagles in my place. Every eagle is different." (p. 72 Final Quest)

Comment: Evidence that Rick's animal spirit guide (demon) is his teacher. Rick should be receiving his teaching from the Bible.

8. Eagle: "You want to know who we are. We are the hidden prophets who have been kept for this hour.... We have been shown all the Lord is doing, and all that the enemy is planning against you." (p. 65 Final Quest)

9. Eagle: "Only those who receive us as prophets can receive the prophet's reward, or the benefit of our services." (p. 66 Final Quest)

Comment: Very scary and totally unBiblical.

Lord Jesus. Open Rick's eyes. Let him see the deception. Bring him back to the Christianity of the Bible, with your precious, holy blood. Amen

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