Rick Joyner Series: Forensic Examination Conclusions on Rick Joyner's Visions

Concluding Comments About Rick Joyner's Visions

Many people assume that any being from the spirit world will tell them the truth. They also assume that the being will come in its true form. This is what has happened to Rick. He believes he knows more about the spiritual world than most Christians. He doesn't know enough about demons and their tricks though. And this is how he got deceived.

Demons love to channel books through from the Spiritual realm. They will use any means at their disposal to do this. They can dictate, possess a person and write their book using a person's hand, they can reveal a book sentence by sentence in a stone like what happened to Joseph Smith with the Book of Mormon or they can create visions which are for the sole purpose of being put in book form (See Endnotes 1 and 2) to deceive, confuse and introduce false teaching into the church. Examples of this are Choo Thomas' visions and Rick Joyner's visions. Nothing in the books The Final Quest or The Torch and the Sword is about the power of prayer or the precious blood of Christ. There is only power in water, oil or objects. A new religion will start as a result of the books of Rick Joyner. The Final Quest is basically a book about Rick meeting his eagle spirit guides (demons) and the teaching he received from them. He should be receiving his teaching from God through the Bible, not via visions.

I have carefully researched Rick's vision. My own father was a pastor and went astray and now is in the New Age camp, having even published an online book. To say that a Christian brother is wrong without proof is a serious offence in the eyes of God and the church. That is why I have spent so much time checking what Rick has seen with Scripture. If I was not 100 percent certain he has been unknowingly deceived by demons then I would remain silent.

I believe Rick to be an honest person (See Endnotes 3). I think Rick is too trusting. Sometimes he doesn't even know where he is or what is happening (See Endnotes 4 and 5). Also, people need to be aware of Satan's ability to create false landscapes including fake Heavens. See the story Yohan and the Kiss of Death (Endnotes 6). Movie producers can create landscapes that are not real. Why could not gifted demons do likewise?


1. Evangelist: "You are being given this experience now because you will write this vision" (p. 116 Final Quest).

2. Rick: (The "Fake" Lord) "pointed His sword toward my heart, then my mouth, then my hands. When He did, fire came from His sword and burned me. The pain was very great. "This, too, is grace, "He said. "You are but one of many who have been prepared for this hour. Preach and write about all that you have seen here." (p. 131 Final Quest)

3. Rick: "I have written these visions in the first person because that is the way they came. I was in these experiences" ...."I tried to write them just as I experienced them." (p. 28 Torch and Sword)

4. The torch that was alive became a tree. A branch falls into Rick's hand and it becomes a torch. Rick asks "And where are we?" The eagle does not answer the question. The silence is significant. (p. 92 Torch and Sword)

5. Rick sees a city which he thinks is England. The White Eagle says "I have friends here and a few disciples. They will help you with what you are here to do." Rick asks "What is that?" This shows that Rick doesn't know what is happening. He is completely trusting. (p. 93 Torch and Sword)

6. Link for Yohan and the Kiss of Death story:

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