Rick Joyner Series: Forensic Test No.10: Telepathy in Rick Joyner's Visions

The use of telepathy in Rick's visions is another sign that his visions are not from God. Telepathy is unBiblical. Here are some quotes from Rick's visions:

1. Rick: "As I talked to the eagle, I started to think like him. After this short discussion I could see into the eagle's heart and I began to know him like he knew me. The eagle recognized this." (p. 66 Final Quest)

2. An eagle (to Rick): "You have some of our gifts.....though they are not very well developed. You have not used them much. I am here to awaken these gifts in you, and in many others like you, and I will teach you how to use them. In this way, our communication will be sure." (p. 66 Final Quest)

Comment: Scary stuff!

3. Rick: "As I looked at someone in the room, I began to understand what he was thinking, just as he had been able to understand me. When I looked at the Lord, I began to understand Him in the same way.....It was also obvious that the Lord was enjoying being able to communicate this way with me as much as I was with Him." (p. 136 Final Quest)

Comment: There is no way God would ever allow man to read His mind. We are not His equal. Only a demon would allow it. And telepathy is not on the list of activities that Christians are allowed to do.

4. A little girl said: "Some people think louder than others. I can Sometimes hear other people's thoughts. I am gifted that way so I can help people." (p. 133 Final Quest)

Comment: Mediums say the same thing. They say their work is OK because they are helping people. This does not make it right. A forbidden activity is a sin. The demons threw the comment of the girl in to provide a philosophical reason for why Christians should engage in telepathy.

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