Rick Joyner Series: Forensic Test No.11: Level System in Rick Joyner's Visions

Rick Joyner's book, The Final Quest is concerned with levels. Though Biblical prophets could be seen as being at a higher level, the Bible doesn't teach a level system. You are either saved with the blood of Christ or you are not. The levels in Rick's Quest visions are represented on a mountain in 3 parts:

1. The Lowest Level

The lowest level of the mountain is "Salvation" (p. 57 Final Quest)

2. The Middle Levels

I have included 3 quotes here which explain themselves:

A. "Most of the ledges were occupied by soldiers which I recognized to be from different denominations or movements that emphasized the truth of the level they were defending. I was embarrassed by the attitude I had maintained toward some of these groups. I had considered them out of touch and backslidden at best, but here they were fighting faithfully against a terrible onslaught of the enemy." (p. 54 Final Quest)

Comment: Demons were trying to teach teach Rick that different denominations are at different levels and Rick will end up at the highest level with the "full truth". If there is a mountain illustration of value, it would put "salvation through the blood of Christ" at the top of the mountain, as the only thing we need to enter Heaven is that.

B. "The next level of rank has glory many times greater than what we have here. Each new level is that much greater than the previous one." (p. 99 Final Quest)

C. "It is not just that those on each level have an even more glorious spiritual body, but that each level is closer to the throne, from where all the glory comes."

Comment: Levels do not bring us closer to the throne of God. The only thing that brings us close to God is the blood of Christ.

3. The Highest Levels

There are 3 high levels which are illustrated by eagles, mantles and thrones. The clearest heresy is the reincarnation of men into eagles, so I will mention that first.

A. Eagles

The man said "There I was changed into an eagle." (p. 73 Final Quest)

Comment: "There" refers to the top of the mountain. If you reach the top of the mountain, you change into an animal. This is teaching reincarnation which is unBiblical.

B. Mantles

Highest level Christians wear mantles, in the Quest. Rick is given a mantle to wear by Wisdom (p. 56 Final Quest). "Fake" angels bow in salute to Rick (p. 62 Final Quest).

C. Thrones

According to Rick's Quest vision, high ranking Christians share a massive throne with Christ (See Endnotes 1).This is unBiblical.

Rick is offered a throne if he is worthy (See Endnotes 2). He will have to work hard and make himself worthy. His work is to publish his heretical visions.

Rick will get worthy if he is able to keep his mantle and gets the likeness of Christ (See Endnotes 3). The throne offer is like a bribe for writing the visions. Choo Thomas was given a series of "fake" visions of Heaven too (See my Choo Thomas Facebook page). She was told by a faceless Christ that he would give her a beautiful house as her reward for writing her visions. She was taken by the faceless Christ to see the house.

Praying people occupied most thrones in the Quest vision (See Endnotes 4). Praying is fantastic but the motive behind this vision is to encourage people to only pray. We need to try to save as many people from Hell as possible too.

God was absent from the throneroom Rick saw. Was it just a vision like a created movie that skilled producers make or could Rick have actually seen the Satanic throneroom and the joint thrones the ruling demons occupy? And the demons there pretended to the occupants of Heaven.


1. "Near the judgement seat of Christ, those in the highest ranks were sitting on thrones that were all a part of His throne. Even the least of these thrones was many times more glorious than any earthly throne. Even the least of these thrones was many times more glorious than any earthly throne." (pp. 125- 6 Final Quest)

2. Jesus (to Rick): "At one point the Lord looked toward the galleries of thrones around Him. Many were occupied, but many were empty. He then said, "These thrones are for the overcomers who have served Me faithfully in every generation. My father and I prepared them before the foundation of the world. Are you worthy to sit on one of these?" (p. 127 Final Quest)

3. Jesus (to Rick): "You now have the mantle. If you can keep it and do not lose it in the battle, when you return you will also have My likeness. Then you will be worthy to sit with these because I have made you worthy." (p. 128 Final Quest)

4. "However, it seemed that faithful, praying women and mothers occupied more thrones than any other single group." (p. 127 Final Quest)

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