Rick Joyner Series: Forensic Test No.8: The Power of Objects

The Power of Objects in Rick Joyner's Visions

I have provided some quotes from Rick's books. I have added a few comments to some of the quotes.

1. Rick: "I was attracted to a large blue stone that appeared to have the sun and clouds inside of it. When I touched it, the same feelings flooded over me as when I had eaten the fruit of the Tree of Life. I felt energy, unearthly mental clarity, and love for everyone and everything." (p. 75 Final Quest)

Comment: This is like power from crystals. No such witchcraft stones will be in Heaven.

2. Rick: "As I touched the green stone, I began to see the earth in rich and spectacular colors."

Comments: How would Rick reply to a medium who would say "But Rick, I'm just doing what you do in your visions."

3. Rick: "I did know that my comprehension of God and His universe had grown substantially as I merely touched these 2 stones, and there were many, many more to touch." (p. 76 Final Quest)

4. Rick: "There was a beautiful red stone nearby, which I almost lunged at to lay my hands on. Immediately I was in the Garden of Gethsemane beholding the Lord in prayer. The agony I beheld was even more terrible yhan the door I had just seen. Shocked, I jerked my hand away from the stone and fell to the floor in exhaustion." (p. 77 Final Quest)

Comment: The demons have tried to justify the use of forbidden stones by providing "holy" scenes inside the stones. A "holy" image in a stone does not make the use of medium stones OK.

5. "Fake" Jesus: " With this sword those that you bless will be blessed. If you bless a devil it will be blessed and will prosper." (p. 81 Torch and Sword )

Comment: The demons are mocking Rick.

6. Rick: "I knew that together the sword and the torch would give me a clarity of perception that was greater than anything I had not yet experienced. Even as I was thinking this, I could tell that I was not only getting stronger, but healthier. I felt toxins in me being washed away." (p. 82 Torch and Sword)

Comment: The Bible doesn't teach that objects have such power.

7. Rick: "As He did this, I felt the oil penetrate deeply within my mind. Peace and clarity took the place of my usual raging thoughts, which often seemed out of my control." (p. 151 Torch and Sword)

8. "Fake" Jesus: "What I have given to you, I give to all of my people. I pour My annointing on each one to cleanse their minds.....You can come to Me as often as you want for this oil. As you wear it and touch others, they, too, will want to be clean. (p. 152 Torch and Sword)

Comment: Oil in the Bible was not for cleansing. It was used for annointing kings and prophets. We are only cleansed by the blood of Christ only.

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